Here at Coastal Roots Farm, we are inspired by Jewish agricultural values such as “Kayamut” (ecological sustainability) and “Bal Tashchit” (responsible resource use). Our compost operations are designed to divert waste from the landfills, limit our ecological footprint, and replenish the soil that grows our food, helping us to live out these important values.

So far this year, we have diverted 230 tons (or 460,000 pounds) of waste from the landfill. That’s heavier than the Statue of Liberty! Our compost operations are made up of three inputs:

  1. Production Waste: everything we grow at the Farm either gets distributed or composted. Our green waste from the gardens goes to the chickens, contributing to what we call a Deep Litter Compost System. They enjoy our scraps and as a result replenish our soil so we can grow more food for you.
  2. GoGreen Hydroponic Lettuce: we are grateful with our partnership with fellow Leichtag Commons tenants GoGreen, who give us their “seconds” which go in to our Aerated Static Piles (ASP) system.
  3. Food Waste to Animal Feed (FWAF): we collect compost from our neighbors in the community and on the Leichtag Commons property, which also gets processed in our ASP system. (Want to see these gorgeous piles first hand? Sign up for our next Public Farm Tour!) It is this food waste that amounts to the “space saved,” or the weight of the waste diverted.

Each of these efforts make possible not only our commitment to ecological sustainability and responsible resource use, but the compost we create rebuilds and replenishes the soil which yields the nutritious food we eat.

How you can get involved:

  1. Participate in our FWAF program by bringing your food scraps to the Farm. Our compost buckets are located at 441 Saxony Rd. right next to the Farm Stand. (Note: we cannot accept dairy, meat, or citrus scraps, but the rest is great!)
  2. Visit the Solana Center for Environmental Innovation to learn more about at-home composting, buying your own compost materials, and getting compost for your own garden!