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Intro to Earth-Based Judaism Series (4 classes)

Sunday, November 19 to Sunday, December 10 @ 10:00 am to 12:00 pm

10:00 am - 12:00 pm

In this four-part pilot class, we will gather in lovely locations across the Farm to explore 4 basic pathways into the spiritual revolution called Earth-Based Judaism -- and how to bring those pathways back into your life. The goal is more resilience, earth-love, responsibility, and joy.

Our learning will include sacred Jewish texts and wisdom, hearty conversation, on-our-feet exploration and play, and moments of quiet reflection. We'll also provide coffee, pastries, and time to schmooze.

The classes will be nourished by the connections we forge with each other as much as by the content we explore, and that’s why we are capping registration at 30. This series is open to adults of all ages, identities, abilities, and experience levels. You do not need to identify as Jewish to attend!

$100/person for whole series (4 classes). We strongly encourage registrants to attend all 4 classes. We are unable to prorate for partial attendance or offer refunds. Max capacity 30 people.

All classes will be taught by Coastal Roots Farm's Director of Jewish Life, Rebecca Joy Fletcher.

Class One: Sunday, November 5th – FOOD 
During this class, we'll discuss farming, feeding, and eating in partnership with the Divine. Join us as we explore gratitude and food blessings and experiment with soil. Location: Farm Green.

Class Two: Sunday, November 19th – NATURE
During this class, we'll discuss our essential kinship with the natural world and the oneness beneath all diversity. Join us as we explore Jewish wisdom's lens on all living things. Location: Food Forest.

Class Three: Sunday, December 3rd – TIME
During this class, we'll explore how the Jewish calendar connects us to nature's cycles and encourages conscious rest. Join us as we discuss the phases of the moon and the flow of the seasons. Location: SoBa (South Barn).

Class Four: Sunday, December 10th – ACTION
During this class, we'll discuss how to act during this era of climate emergency. Join us as we explore grief and hope, fighting and healing. Location: STEM Lab.