Amélie Catheline has been volunteering in the food forest since May 2017 and is a superstar volunteer. She brings with her a keen eye and a deep knowledge of ecological systems, which allow her to quickly and accurately diagnose problems. She can look at what weeds we have in the food forest and deduce what that says about the health of the soil, or identify why a plant isn’t looking its best. Amélie is down to earth, creative, and loves to laugh. She comes to Coastal Roots Farm with years of experience working to better our planet and the lives of the people on it. In addition to being a plant whisperer and a hard worker, she is a great person to be around—so it’s no surprise we love working with her! (Plus, not only do we benefit from her expertise and kind spirit, we also love the tasty food she cooks for us using food forest veggies.) Read on to get to know Amélie!

How and when did you get involved with the Farm?
I heard about Coastal Root Farm during my Permaculture Design Course in Fall 2016, then I found Coastal Roots Farm on Facebook. I started volunteering in May 2017 by coming during the public hours on Wednesday in the food forest. I joined the Volunteer Corps program in August 2017 in the food forest.

What is your current role as a volunteer?
I volunteer in the Food Forest helping LyOr and Katherine. I look forward to help in the vineyard starting this month.

What do you find compelling about our work and mission?
I like the idea of cultivating produce for the community and the local attachment of the farm within the city, so that people can enjoy fresh and good produce all year round without relying on long-distance production. The most compelling thing is about organic and biodynamic agriculture is the respect for animals, nature, and humans—a full circle of production from compost to soil to plants and trees to plates and back to compost.

Why do you enjoy volunteering on the Farm?
I love being surrounded with plants and trees. It’s a relaxing time with very nice people. I can learn many things about gardening and plants, and I discovered trees that I had never heard about before.

What is your favorite volunteer activity?
Harvesting, pruning, planting, working in the nursery… As long as I am taking care of plants, trees or the soil, I am happy!

Tell us more!
Where are you originally from?
– I am from France and moved in Encinitas in 2012.
How do you like to spend a weekend?
– Hiking, gardening, reading, and hanging out with friends.
If you could only eat one veggie for the rest of your life, what would it be?
– …impossible to choose! Monoculture is not part of my life. 🙂