Juliette is our amazing Food Forest Volunteer Corps member. She has been volunteering with us consistently for 5+ hours a week since October 2017, showing up rain or shine to plant trees, track tree growth, weed, take care of our nursery, and more. Juliette is enthusiastic, passionate, hard working, and dedicated, and she brightens the day of everyone she comes in contact with. Majoring in nutrition was what first sparked her interest in learning about food and where it comes from, so she started volunteering at Coastal Roots Farm to deepen her knowledge. She didn’t come to us with a farming background, but already she has become a true farmer! In the fall she’ll be taking her skills to the next level with a dietetic internship at Montana State University, where she hopes to merge her knowledge of dietetics and agriculture even more. 


How and when did you get involved with the Farm?
I heard about Coastal Roots Farm through my school. I went to SDSU and studied nutrition there. I was really interested in sustainability, and my friend told me to volunteer at this farm. When I visited Coastal Roots Farm and saw the food forest, I knew that was where I wanted to be. I don’t know much about actually growing food from the soil up, which is why I decided to volunteer here…and I loved it! It’s been way more therapeutic than I thought. I always leave a lot calmer. And I’ve definitely learned a lot. I recently got into Montana State University’s dietetics program, and their emphasis is sustainable agriculture. I’ll get to work on their garden up there.

I think nutrition in general is heading in a more holistic direction. I see that people, especially in Southern California, do care about where their food comes from and are interested in supporting local farms and communities. I think that there is going to be a huge merging between the farming and nutrition [fields], for careers and otherwise. I think it’s inevitable.

What is your current role as a volunteer?
I am currently volunteering in the food forest with LyOr, and occasionally working with Katherine out in the vineyard.

What do you find compelling about our work and mission?
My favorite part about Coastal Roots Farm the is obvious sense of community they encourage. Not only is the staff super friendly and welcoming, the traditional Jewish farming practices also encourage community. I love how the Farm Stand is pay-what-you-can, because it allows people from all economic and financial backgrounds to have access to the amazing food we grow!

What is your favorite volunteer activity?
My favorite volunteer activity is definitely working in the nursery! Everyone makes fun of me because I love weeding. The nursery is so relaxing and therapeutic and I always find myself leaving in a better mood than I came. Plus anything is better than building gopher baskets, haha.

Tell us more!
Where are you originally from?
– I am originally from Los Angeles, Ca and moved to San Diego six years ago for school.
How do you like to spend a weekend?
– My ideal weekend would be snowboarding in Mammoth, followed by spending some time in the hot springs near June Lake.
Favorite city you’ve lived in?
– My favorite city I’ve lived in is definitely Ocean Beach! They have an amazing sense of community there as well.
If you could only eat one veggie for the rest of your life, what would it be?
– I would probably eat Brussels sprouts forever—they are so yummy, they are practically like dessert sometimes.
Any interesting facts about yourself?
– I’m a terrible driver but amazing at parallel parking!